The voice of fascination music

Fascination Music was lacked by those, who can experience deep feelings. But in 2013 it sounds again, it has a voice. The voice of Oksana Kulakova.

She is a professional musician and singer, model and actress. Oksana was the first in Ukraine, who fascinated listeners by this music 15 years ago. Now she is back on a stage after temporary lull, but there are no competitors as before – nobody does that better than she does.

This kind of music is a stream in American and European popular music of the 30’s-60’s years, the times of its heyday. It gave the unforgettable melodies and true masterpieces to the world. Opulent and sophisticated professional symphonic orchestrations and harmonies – this is what makes it so special. Fabulous Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand sang Fascination Music, it was written by the most talented composers such as Michel Legrand and Francis Lai, the roots of the stream can be found in George Gershwin’s melodies. It was created by persons with extraordinary worldview.

In 2013 Oksana Kulakova achieved great success. The European Broadcasting Union, the world’s largest association of national broadcasters, which exists more than 70 years in Geneva, has highly appreciated her creativity. It broadcasted her album, Fascination Music, on the huge number of radio stations within Europe and around the world.

Thereby, now everyone who has a sensitive heart and an open soul with yearning to the Beauty can listen to Fascination Music and make it part of his life. It’s so real as love itself: sincere, unconditional and absolute.

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