Oksana Kulakova was a successful jazz singer and model in 1998. Her career shined so brightly national cinema looked at her more carefully. Alena Demyanenko, film director of Two Julia, offered her a female leading role, Margarita. «I never dreamt to be an actress,» recalls Kulakova. «It was an interesting proposal though. Besides I doubted about the part because she was totally opposite to me. But Alena has invited me to sing the main theme so I was in.»

Oksana was filming with Ukrainian movie stars and faced all difficulties of the profession. So she used to be working hard and disciplined herself. «The atmosphere on the set was very kindly,» Oksana says. «But work was tough and intense – shooting day could last as long as it was necessary.»

Her first role was well done and critics noted the appearance on screen. The film had success in Ukraine and abroad. It was called «revolution» and «new wave» in local cinema. Two Julia received the prize for the original form, style and grace of movie’s language and marked by the Russian film critics at the Open Film Festival Kinoshock in Anapa, Russia. Also it was named Best Ukrainian Film at the IFF Molodist in 1998.

«After the first movie in my life I understood I can confide myself as an actress to a film director. It wasn’t easy but I liked filming very much,» says Oksana. So when she was invited to play a part again – director Dmitry Tomashpolsky began to shoot his movie, Hi, everybody! – she gladly agreed. Her role was a little bit mute (said only few words), strange and difficult to personate. «I’m proud of this work,» Oksana smiles. «And even had a dream to play in silent film…»

There are something common in music and cinema, what did help Kulakova on the set and during lip sync. It’s a rhythm. All points she had to pass in front of the camera she remembered as music and rhythmic beats. So later lip sync she did without problem.

A fictional movie, Evilenko, was filming in Kiev in 2003 – Kulakova was in with the Hollywood stars Malcolm McDowell and Marton Csokas. Mario Cotone (known for the films Malena and Life is Beautiful) was a producer of the movie. «Film makers wanted to record the song Il Cielo in una Stanza for an episode,» Oksana tells. «I was invited to audition. When I did my best a cappella singing of the melody in a small room, I was pretty sure that producer and director will pick me. Later I found out they looked for a singer all over the world and it was really difficult to be chosen. But I did it!» She recorded the song and even played the role of the singer. «Certainly, I understand how small it was, but for me it was a big step in the career. And whatever people might say about, my name is in the closing credits,» Kulakova smiles.

«Filming is very difficult, but pretty interesting,» Oksana admits. «Possibilities of transformation and production are thrilling. Life on the set it’s true creation and it’s so splendid! Frankly speaking, I want to be a part of this magic movie world again».

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