She was smiling, laughing, happy… That’s how well-known Kiev’s photographer Nikolay Trokh saw Oksana Kulakova in 1991. She was the life and soul of the party and he offered a photo session to her. «I was 20 years old,» recalls Oksana. «It was my first experience with the professional photographer. I kept these images…»

Three years later, she produced the wall calendars with her pictures, which became known in Kiev very quickly. Outstanding masters – Vyacheslav Maevsky, Nikolay Trokh, Alexander Morderer – did photo sessions to her. «I trusted in them. And they taught me how to be a model,» the singer says. «Probably, it was not easy had a deal with me, but the photos turned out superbly.»

Her calendars were noticed and Oksana became known not only as an original singer, but also as a promising model. She was invited to make the advertising images for Lacta’s chocolate and Damskiy Kapriz sweets. After that the singer signed 3 years contract with Continent jazz radio station. For this large campaign with posters, commercial videos and jingles and, certainly, music Kulakova received Best Advertising Image award at the Ukrainian competition Gold Chestnut in 1998. According to experts, it was high quality work made with finished style.

What photographers liked the most in Kulakova that was her ability to be different in front of the camera – such as in the noted The Four Seasons project. «I’m very happy to meet with professionals,» Kulakova admits. «All photographers fate brought us together were the most talented persons incredibly easy to work with. They could see me and made the creative atmosphere on the set so I didn’t notice working hours. No tiredness – just pleasure! Thanks to them I became a model.» In 2013 the master and well-known Ukrainian photographer Sergey Yushkov did Kulakova’s photos – there are new, courageous and different images, which can be viewed on the website.

Oksana had always been interested in haute couture. But Ukrainian fashion-designers were interesting in her as well – not only as the singer, who wears their dresses. Kulakova was a catwalk model and in particular had on wedding dresses for three times and also performed at the International Festival Stairs to the Sky. On the whole the singer likes to amaze with luxurious, refined and even shocking concert costumes. She admits, «Fashion and music are always in harmony for me. These two muses of high art and beauty have never left my heart and soul. I’m lucky to be a friend of them.»

«I have to say I need my long period of silence so much. If you want to create you should not only feel this world, but also to understand it. Now I have even more ideas, strength and courage. I want to surprise. Have something to tell. I feel desire to work…»

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