«Oksana Kulakova. I’m lucky enough to hear many of my lyrics sang by her unique voice. Truly speaking, when I wrote I already knew she’ll sing it and how fascinating and deep each word will sound. And that was an inspiration for me. Not less than music, which was wonderfully heard, thought up and opened by Igor Stetsyuk. I got something like a double impulse. This «fascinating two» raised me to a higher lever I had never been before. So I couldn’t write worse… Oksana was and still is one of the most splendid grand dames at Ukrainian singer’s top, where you can’t find a bad taste, commonplace and vulgarity. I think she is boring sometimes, because there is nobody else…»

Nick Brovchenko, lyricist

«May be I’m expecting too much from a singer. I want her to have a strong voice of great range and talent to play a song as an actress; don’t exceed the limits of style, but push them to find new expressive means. That’s why I work only with few performers. Together with Oksana we did lots of work, which, as for me, were well done. Now we want to work at the crossing styles – to find a way between Fascination and classical music… I want to compose the original pieces for her and even to discover something we know nothing about. I’m pretty sure – everything, which has to be done, we’ll do great thanks to her and mine aspiration for perfection and finished details. Oksana is very faithful to the music. Her comeback is a brave act, which I respect. I don’t even know a person in the music history who did the same! If it turned out well (I hope everything is going to be alright), it will be her personal break-through and an example to others, who probably have lost themselves. But Kulakova haven’t.»

Igor Stetsyuk, composer

«I don’t criticize and don’t judge anyone for many years. That’s why I’m pretty surprised when people call me a music critic. But I want to say as for me Oksana Kulakova’s heyday was when she worked with Igor Stetsyuk in the 90’s. And I still take a song, called Tsvitut osinny tihy nebesy as Ukrainian hit. There is no doubt her absence was noted in music, but I’m sure there will be one more talented and interesting voice in Ukrainian music again.»

Alexei Kogan, journalist, producer

«I have warm remembrance about my work with Oksana. I have to admit, she was steadfast and tender at the same time. Kulakova is highly sensitive woman – this is what helped her on the set. And for me it was very intriguing experience.»

Vyacheslav Maevsky, photographer

«For my film, Hi, everybody!, I searched for an actress who can make a mash on an audience in a few seconds. Oksana Kulakova can. She’s so charming! Actually, she needs only three seconds.»

Dmitry Tomashpolsky, film director

«It was pretty easy to work with Oksana Kulakova. Even despite she has found very sophisticated images for the photo session. No wonder she’s vivid and self-minded personality. As for me, the photos turned out great!»

Sergey Yushkov, photographer

«Oksana did excellent job with her part in my movie, Two Julia. And we have been working very easy. If I would start filming now I would like to see Kulakova in a complex role. She is highly versatile actress, which should be used. She is like an orchid-actress for me, who can beautify any movie project.»

Alena Demyanenko, film director

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