FROM THE VERY YOUNG AGES I was interested in serious and philosophical questions such as a fight between good and evil. I have realized evil can’t be ignored, but good always wins! Along the way I became sharp in my judgements… Even too much sometimes. However, now it helps to take a clear view what is good or bad, white or black, mine or not mine. Thanks to that I’m going my way and feeling my mission.

I HAD UPS AND DOWNS, happiness and tears… I believe in destiny. If something is meant to be it will happen. But I must dream because angels have to know my wishes. Miracles have happened in my life, I know for sure that they exist… But I’m ready something might go wrong. Though I don’t think I’m losing. This is a lesson thanks to which I know how I shouldn’t do. Difficulties have never knocked me down because of the rule: «I did everything I could, but didn’t succeed.» Then I do the opposite and get proper results.

PEOPLE GUIDED BY FEAR. All my life I have a conflict with it, but tame it as a tiger trainer. It’s pretty simple – either fear knocks you out or you do it. As for me, I always win.

LOVE… IT GIVES ME STRENGHT. Life is senseless without this feeling… It’s so important to find a better half with whom everything gets more beautiful. I spread my wings when I’m in love. I see them, even feel their weight… It has to be true feeling – I would refuse the sweetest illusion for this flight. Love helps to find yourself if you’re lost. We live in the clouds, become not indifferent and happy. We begin to realize what we live for and see our future. We get better, feel vivifying energy, hearts beat differently and we shine. Perhaps, love is the strongest magic on Earth.

I BELIEVE NOTHING HAPPEN BY CHANCE and everyone has a mission. A person is a small link in the big chain. Life is an open book, which has signs and preventions, punishments and prizes. Better not be lazy to read it. That is a chance to find yourself and live a full life.

EVERY PERSON IS A BIG WORLD, and he has to evolve – we don’t have to slide into primitive. The level of our culture is pictured by our esthetics and behavior rules, morality and caring, decency and aristocratism. That is what makes us human beings. Probably our society would get better if each of us won’t dare to degrade.

THE MIDDLE OF THE XX CENTURY is my favorite time with French and Hollywood movies, which had lots of purity and good humor… In spite of low technical capabilities soul lived in the films. It was a unique period in music as well. There were created many new and beautiful, splendid and touching melodies. It was a time of talented people, courageous decisions and high art.

I’M NOT GUIDED BY TRENDS. But a harmony is really important to me. Have to admit I live in a world I built with my own rules. And I feel very comfortable there. My soul is happy and I wish to create something special… However, I don’t see any sense to start if it wouldn’t be a masterpiece in the end. I always want to do my best which can be done due to many components and finished details. That’s my secret of Beauty creation. Beauty attracts me, I don’t want to lose it, it’s necessary to be able to see it and live in. Because our World is ruled by Beauty!

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME not to forget how to smile and enjoy life. If I do I can create everything as a fairy. Years ago, when I got tired and lost these abilities, I had to leave music stage… Now everything has changed, my smile is here with me and I need to fly! That is my inspiration, which can inflame people.

I LOVE TALENTED PEOPLE with an extraordinary worldview. They’re gifted to be curious and not indifferent, to see and think not like anyone else, can be purposeful and desperate, and don’t lose these abilities for years. If I have an opportunity, I would like to meet and talk to Sophie Loren, Sean Connery, Adriano Celentano, Gino Vannelli, Michel Legrand… With Sinatra, if only… And Barbra Streisand. I would ask her is she happy now? And it is quite possible that we wouldn’t talk about music and chat, for example, about an ice cream.

MUSIC IS A HUGE UNIVERSE. My soul flies in the world of sounds when I’m singing. I know everything is possible and I’m free! This World is made for those who love Music. But there is one condition – you have to be yourself. If you make even slightest falseness – it will throw you out. Then you have to begin from the very start. This rule helps not to lose yourself.

MY HAPPINESS IS IN THE MUSIC. I didn’t do everything that I had to. Now I have lots of dreams and wishes… Although I’m not vain – I don’t need awards and dignities. I’m absolutely sure what I want and where I go. I would like to resist against roughness and indifference, to be in to create an alternative to bad taste and emptiness. This is my mission.

OKSANA KULAKOVA. First of all, I’m a woman. The rest let the others say on me.

…AND FINALLY, AFTER ALL – what Fascination Music is? I think it’s beauty, it’s love, that is the most fabulous dreams, which could be realized in a music. This music is a way to the bright and magic world over the moon, where you go for a walk holding hands…

is coming soon